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Capturing your story.

Sharing your legacy.

Capture and share the memories that made you who you are. It's like writing a book about your life, but better.

How It Works

We record friendly conversations over video chat



Schedule a Time

Schedule the perfect time for your video call



Share Stories

Share your stories you'd like to pass along to your loved ones



Receive Your Legacy

Watch your kids laugh, and cry when they receive your legacy.

What You'll Get

Click a question and watch the answer, just like you were there in person. Select a topic in the example on the right to experience it.

Easy Navigation


A Topic

A Legacy that Lasts Forever

Open your book to discover a personal image accompanied by a QR code and USB drive that lead to your conversation.

A New Family Heirloom


We proudly embroider your name in silver letters on a quality-made, leather-bound book. 

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Enjoyed very much. Super easy. Haven't talked about my childhood in 50 years and when you get me going I have NO filter!


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For when you want to...

Share your wisdom

Take a moment to share the triumphs, tribulations, and lessons that have guided you in life.

Celebrate your roots

Give your descendants a glimpse into your heritage, values, and family traditions.

Reflect on your experiences

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Recollect your love story, immigration experience, business journey, and beyond.

Sample Questions

We have hundreds of topics we talk about in our conversations. Here are a few of our favorites. 

How do you define success?

Tell me about your first job...

Whats the most interesting thing about your family history?

What made you fall in love with your partner?

What has given you the most joy in your lifetime?

What would you like your great-grandchildren to know about you?

Do you believe in aliens?

What makes a person exceptional?

  • What is your return policy?
    We offer a special "Walk into a burning building" unlimited guarantee. This means that, if at any moment you wouldn't walk into a burning building to save this treasured keepsake, we will give you a full refund! Our goal is to create something for you that is so meaningful, that if your house was ever on fire you would grab your 103Legacy book before getting to safety. A company can only make this guarantee if they know they have an outstanding product that their customers love, and we KNOW you will LOVE it. If you don't love it, you don't pay for it. Simple as that. But, we know you will. :)
  • Can I purchase extra books for family and friends?
    Yes, of course! Each additional book is $95. This can be done over the phone (239) 788-0011 or email ( with our team.
  • Can I add my own questions?
    Yes! Your own questions are more than welcome! Tell your interviewer you would like to add your own questions/topics and they will be happy to add them.
  • Can I buy this for a family member?
    Yes! This is a beautiful gift to give a loved one for their birthday or a special holiday.
  • How long does it take for orders to be delivered?
    The 103Legacy book and private website, are delivered in 10-12 business days after the final interview.
  • How do you work with people that don't speak English?
    It is not a problem! We have translators for every language that work with us to make our service accessible to everyone.
  • How do you work with people who are technology challenged?
    We have a step by step, easy process that we walk people through to get them using Zoom! If they are unable to operate Zoom, we can do the interviews over the phone!
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