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It's like writing a book about your life, but better.

We preserve stories through recorded conversations over video chat. Talk about the love of your life, immigrating to America, or building a business. You left a mark on this world, we help you share your experiences with your family forever.

1. Record

2. Scan

3. Remember



How It Works


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Decide which plan is right for your family.

Check out our plans by clicking here. You can also choose a pay-as-you-go plan in the "Schedule Interviews Here" tab after signing up for an interview and creating an account.



Schedule your 30-minute Zoom interviews.

During the interviews, one of our professionals will ask questions about a topic of your choice. To see the list of topics, click the "Schedule Interviews Here" tab. Questions can always be added or removed by request! There is also an option to submit an interview  done with your own family member! Please contact us at for more information on this.



Receive a beautiful book with a QR code in it.

The interviews will be uploaded to a secure internet link that only you will have the password to. We then send you a book with a QR code in it. When the QR code is scanned it will automatically take you to your personal webpage. Our software allows you to then click on a question asked in the interview and watch the answer. Click here to watch an example. We also send you a USB Drive as a hardware backup. 

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Pass On Life Lessons

Inspire your loved ones with the hard things you have gone through and how you overcame them.

Preserve Family Heritage

One day we will pass, but our stories and memories don't have to.

Reflect on Life

Talk about all the experiences that have made you, you. Help your loved ones understand you more.


Everything was perfect, especially the way the interview went. I always wanted to write a book about my life, but it always felt like too much of a commitment. I'm glad I didn't because this was a better alternative!


Enjoyed very much. Super easy. Haven't talked about my childhood in 50 years and when you get me going I have NO filter!


Everything was super great and easy!103Legacy did an amazing job capturing my story in a fun and simple way. I'm so happy to have all my favorite stories on video for ages to come.

Ready To Get Started?

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