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Italian American?

You need to hear this!

I started this company 2 years ago because I believe when people know their ancestor's stories, it helps them understand who they are, which gives them a greater meaning in life!


Heres how we've been doing it:


Past Solutions

At first it was only saved to my iCloud, so I decided to put it on a USB drive.

Then, right after I put it onto the USB Drive, the file got corrupted in my iCloud and I could not open it. 

Thankfully I still had it on my USB Drive, but I also didn’t want these priceless stories to be saved on a $9 USB Drive from Walmart just to get lost in my "miscellaneous things" kitchen drawer forever.

So, I went online looking for a solution to my problem thinking there had to be a better way.

I didn't find anything to help with my storage problem, but I came across an ad that helped people write a book about their life.

The problem with writing a book is that it is a TON of work, and can take a year or more to be completed.

You have to think of stories, write them out, organize them, edit, and then finally publish them, and if you are not good at writing this is painful.


But, the great thing about writing a book is that when it's finished, it is something that people can feel with their hands.

With the video I took of my grandparents, I'd be able to see their facial expressions, hear their voice, and feel their personality, but you couldn't hold it in your hands.


In 2020, Covid-19 devastated the world.


I was scared i was going to lose people.. especially my grandparents.

I wanted to find a way to record their stories in case tragedy struck, with the hope that one day my kids could ‘meet’ them and get a glimpse into our family's past.

This lead me to their house with my iPhone and a tripod and I recorded videos of myself interviewing them about their lives.

They lit up when they told me about their first car, when they fell in love, and the difference between how life was when they grew up and life today.

This project was instantly priceless, and I wanted to make sure it was safely stored where it wouldn't get lost, deleted, or forgotten about.

Modern Senior Woman_edited.jpg

Our Solution

I needed to store these priceless interviews in a book, and that is when I created the Legacy Book!

A black leather book with your name embossed in silver on the front cover.


Inside, it stores a metallic silver USB-Drive that contains the video interviews, and a digital portal where your videos are privately stored online.

It is the best of both worlds!

One of our clients said, "It's like I got a package from Elon Musk!" -Marilyn.

The best part is, there is no writing involved!

We talk with customers over video chat to record their best stories.

We have specific question-lists for business owners, immigrants, war veterans, professional athletes, and above all loving parents.

Then when looking through the videos in the digital portal, every question and topic talked about is organized in a table of contents, just like chapters in a book.

Modern Senior Woman_edited.jpg

Achievement (Social Proof and Notoriety)

One of our clients said, "It's like I got a package from Elon Musk!" -Marilyn.


The results have been undeniable.

Our clients are so happy to know their stories are saved in a way that makes it easy to watch, share, and be preserved forever.

We have preserved thousands of stories and counting


How cool would it be to watch all 8 of your great-grandparents talk about every struggle, every love story, and every triumph that they went through?


Even the most boring life would be interesting because they a part of you, literally.


The more we can understand our past, the more we can understand ourselves.

Modern Senior Woman_edited.jpg

Free Guided Journal

To record your story, we created a guided journal that we are giving away for free!


We printed a limited number of them and are giving them away until they are gone. 


The book has questions that will inspire you to write down some of your most memorable stories from your life.


After you completed the journal, you can share it with your family.

Our free books run out fast, so click below to see if there are any still available!

Meet our founder, Victor

In 1897, my great grandfather was born in Italy.


When he was 18, he fought in World War I for the Italians. After the war, he migrated to Chicago leaving his family behind. He started his own liquor running business and would send money back home to his family in Italy.

I have heard this story about my great grandfather since I was born, but I always wished I could hear it from his perspective.

My hope is that 103Legacy is able preserve the special stories we all walk around with, so that our grandkids, kids will know where they came from.

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