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Watch the above video or follow these directions if you are using an Apple computer:


1.  Go to your email and search “This is your friendly reminder” or “Thanks for booking!” and choose the most recent email.

This should pull up an email from 103Legacy that contains your appointment information (Date, time, and topic).​


Note: Make sure the appointment date is correct. If it is not right, look for a different email.

2.  In the email, click on “Join Meeting”. After clicking on Join Meeting the screen below will appear.

3.  If this pop up appears click “Cancel” and click “Launch Meeting”










5.  If this pop up appears again click “Cancel” and click “Join from Your Browser”













6.  Click “Join Audio by Computer” to be able to talk during the Zoom












7.  Then Select “Allow”











8.  Click this icon to start video








9.  Select Allow again











10.Click this icon one more time and you will be good to go :) 








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